Environmental groups shocked by new Keystone XL report

As I’ve written here before, the decision facing the Obama administration regarding whether or not to approve the Keystone XL pipeline embodies the tight rope the president walks on energy and climate issues. Whatever he—or more accurately his State Department—decides … Read More

U.S. should export its cheap gas, says The Economist

The editors of The Economist say the arguments of those who don’t think the U.S should export its cheap gas are “unconvincing,” and the Obama administration should enable U.S. gas producers to sell their product abroad. In America gas sells … Read More

Graphene FTSW?

(for the solar win?) Still fantastical, but new research offers reason to think graphene could one day be used to make solar cells around twice as efficient as the most widely-used semiconductors today.

Happy new year in energy and climate

A month ago there were lots of articles looking back at the biggest news stories and themes of 2012. A few looked forward to 2013. I’ll try to do a bit of both here. A disclaimer: whether a story is … Read More

The New York Times says U.S. should export its cheap natural gas

The New York Times published an editorial on Sunday making the case for easing restrictions on the export of natural gas, citing the recently released report by the Department of Energy which said doing so would be beneficial to the U.S. … Read More

Linkage: Natural gas exports and emissions

Exporting natural gas, which the U.S. is suddenly rich with, would be more beneficial than detrimental to the American economy, according to a newly released study by the DOE.

From the Wall Street Journal:… Read More

Gore says executive branch needs to “move” on climate issues, doesn’t say how

Al Gore got fired up while speaking Thursday to the League of Conservation Voters in New York. He called out President Obama, demanding more “leadership from the executive branch” on climate change issues. That the world has a dangerous and hugely expensive problem is obvious, so inaction… Read More

Linkage: Susan Rice’s awkward investments, and tensions over airplane emissions

It turns out Susan Rice, thought to be a frontrunner for Secretary of State, has a significant amount of money invested in TransCanada, the developer of the proposed Keystone XL pipeline. That pipeline, as most energy watchers know, would transport … Read More

Al Gore calls oil sands pipeline a moral issue

Grist’s David Roberts has a great new Q&A with Al Gore, in which the former vice president could give climate hawks a bit of hope that the seemingly endless gridlock and inaction on climate change at the federal level may … Read More

Linkage: Emissions trajectory, carbon policy in focus

A new Nissan LEAF is out in Japan. It’s expected to have a 14% longer range over the original LEAF. And the company claims the car’s newly developed electric motor will use 40% less dysprosium, one of several rare earths … Read More