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Did Obama tip his Keystone XL hand?

A report from The Hill has some interesting tidbits about President Obama’s closed door meeting with House Republicans on Wednesday. He apparently discussed the proposed Keystone XL pipeline, implying that there would be a decision soon.

What will that decision be? Hard to tell, as members were split on the question of whether or not it seemed like he was also implying that he’d approve the controversial project. One told The Hill Obama “talked out of both sides of his mouth,” giving “no indication of anything.”

All of that makes me think Rep. Peter King of Iowa might have been on to something when he told the newspaper this:

“(Obama) implied that there might be a resolution in the coming weeks and that we would not be entirely satisfied with the resolution, but it didn’t sound either like the environmentalists’ interests would be completely satisfied either.”

So neither side will be happy with the decision? That certainly would be be very Obama-like.

-- Mike Orcutt


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