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China’s looking into a potential $30B “dynamic tidal-power wall”

Tidal power has yet to escape the research phase. But the Wall Street Journal says it is one of China’s new wager[s]“—the government has spent $116 million on research into the renewable resource since 2010.

One of the potential projects sounds ginormous, to say the least. It’s a $30 billion “tidal-power wall.”

…with turbines using curved blades that are designed to allow eels and fish to pass through safely. If approved, the wall could supply as much electricity as 2½ large nuclear reactors—and cost as much as $30 billion.



The project involves building a wall running perpendicular from the coast and then branching off into a T, extending around 20 miles and studded with turbines that would channel and concentrate the power of tidal water. Beijing provided $3.3 million for feasibility studies that are under way in China. Construction is at least a decade away, though initial findings suggest that shallow waters on the Chinese, Korean and European coasts could be suitable.



-- Mike Orcutt


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