China’s looking into a potential $30B “dynamic tidal-power wall”

Tidal power has yet to escape the research phase. But the Wall Street Journal says it is one of China’s “new wager[s]“—the government has spent $116 million on research into the renewable resource since 2010.

One of the potential projects sounds ginormous, to say the least. It’s a $30 billion “tidal-power wall.” Read More

Elon Musk and the electric car metanarrative

Last week was a great one for Elon Musk. Morgan Stanley published a glowing report about Tesla’s growth potential in the lithium-ion battery market. Consumer Reports named the Model S the top car of 2014. And the Musks’s personal value topped $1 billion thanks to the electric car-maker’s skyrocketing stock price.

Elon Musk is no oracle or hero. But you have to hand it to him for helping change the metanarrative… Read More

On which planet do YOU reside?

John McCain did an interview with a Phoenix radio station yesterday, and was asked about John Kerry’s recent speech in Indonesia—the one in which he called climate change a “weapon of mass destruction.”

Here’s one thing Senator McCain said: Read More

CCSeriously behind schedule

The development and deployment of carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology, already WAY behind schedule if it’s supposed to be a real emissions-cutting tool, is slowing, making it even more of a longshot to hit its deadlines.

Should we give up on CCS? Is it worth… Read More

Coming soon: “A national plan to reduce carbon pollution”

President Obama says in his weekly video address that on Tuesday he’ll unveil his plan to reduce emissions and “prepare our country for the impacts of climate change.” The music in the video is dramatic and melancholy, so he must … Read More

Long live the electric car

The dawning of the new electric car era has had its fits and starts, but recent headlines reinforce the notion that electric cars—and their high-tech batteries—are here to stay. Read More

That’s some milestone.

Atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration hits 4oo ppm. Ditto Kevin Bullis: There are two things to keep in mind about carbon dioxide. First, it stays in the atmosphere for a long time—hundreds to thousands of years. If we stopped burning fossil … Read More

We’re not running out of oil.

Revised estimates of “technically recoverable” hydrocarbon resources under North Dakota, the fastest growing state in the country, reinforce an important bottom line: We’re not running out of oil.
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Did Obama tip his Keystone XL hand?

A report from The Hill has some interesting tidbits about President Obama’s closed door meeting with House Republicans on Wednesday. He apparently discussed the proposed Keystone XL pipeline, implying that there would be a decision soon. What will that decision … Read More

NYT: State Dept’s Keystone XL report neglects long-term CO2 impact

The Times editors weigh in on Obama’s impending oil sands pipeline decision, arguing for a rejection. “In itself, the Keystone pipeline will not push the world into a climate apocalypse. But it will continue to fuel our appetite for oil and add to the carbon load in the atmosphere,” they conclude. “There is no need to accept it.” Read More